Saturday 03/10 2020
Kl. 19:15 Cinemateket

Gothersgade 55

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Instruktøren, Andrea Arnold, valgte Red Road boligkomplekset i Glasgow som scene for sin historie om Jackie, der arbejder i et overvågningsfirma, og en dag ser en mand på sin skærm, som hun finder sig mystisk tiltrukket af. / Director Andrea Arnold chose the Red Road housing development in Glasgow as the stage for her story of CCTV operator Jackie, who finds herself mysteriously drawn to a man that appears on her monitor one day.

Den rigtige Red Road-ejendom i Glasgow, Skotland, blev et synonym for kriminalitet . Så alvorligt var omdømmet for boligkomplekset, at det til sidst førte til nedrivning af dets imponerende tårnblokke i 2012 – på trods af massive protester. Jackie arbejder i et overvågningsfirma i den skotske by Glasgow. Hun tager sit arbejde meget alvorligt og lever et stille og kontrolleret liv. Men under facaden gemmer hun på en stor sorg. En dag dukker en mand fra hendes fortid op på en af overvågningsskærmene. Det står hurtigt klart, at hun er nødt til at konfrontere ham og gøre fortidens regnskab op.

Dir. Andrea Arnold / 2006 / UK / 1hr 53min / English / Subtitles: Danish


Denne film er en del af temaet: “BRUTalisme”

“It’s funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.” – Alex in A Clockwork Orange (1971)

How much is our perception of things shaped by the way it is presented in the media? Social housing across Europe, and the world, suffers from an image problem that directly challenges the vision behind its inception. In the years following the Second World War, the most respected architects and urban planners of the day experimented with new materials and modernist designs in order to create homes that would improve the lives of the working-classes.

Now these developments are increasingly facing demolition due to their reputation of violence and disrepair, their Brutalist design considered ‘ugly’ and undesirable. Almost as soon as they were built, a tradition in British cinema was established in which these buildings would often be the setting for films with violence and hardship as primary themes.

From dystopian sci-fi to social realist dramas, this programme traces the depictions of brutalist post-war social housing in film in order to provoke a discussion as to how and if these representations have impacted public perception of social housing and to what extent are these depictions accurate?