Pandemic Resilient Cities


Thursday 08/10 2020
Kl. 16:00 Union

Nørre Allé 7

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This conference is a second phase collaboration after that EAHR, Copenhagen Architecture Festival and Think-Fast: A collective urban response to COVID-19 engaged together during May and June 2020 in a five talks ( where we brought experts from the built environment, the health and the humanitarian sector into conversation to debate and answer questions around the following topics:

– Disaster and Pandemics

– Health Infrastructures

– Urban living: Density & Pandemics

– Human Rights & Contested cities

  • The current pandemic has pushed us to (re)think the future of our cities and how we can create resilient spaces for future threats. In a world with growing inequalities, crises not only create new obstacles, but deepens the existing gaps. As we have seen in the recent months, a pandemic does not only redefine the way we relate socially, but also the way we relate spatially. COVID-19 has pushed the boundaries of the way we think our cities, from plazas to meeting locales, new restrictions and emerging needs have defied our previous understanding, finding us in many occasions unprepared for this scenario.
  • Feeling a common and shared responsibility on how we shape the future of our societies, we point to sharing further ideas and experiences to contribute to build the cities of tomorrow on new grounds. We are bringing together experts, professionals and academics to debate and learn how, by focusing on the possibilities triggered by the crisis, we can progress towards resilient, socially inclusive and green communities where equality, access and participation is ensured to all.



16.00 – 16.10

Josephine Michau

Co-founder and Festival Director, Copenhagen Architecture Festival

16.10 – 16.40

Michele Di Marco

CEO, Emergency Architecture & Human Rights

16.40 – 17.10

Jeff Risom

Partner and Chief Innovation Officer, Gehl Architects 

17.10 – 17.20

Coffee break 

17.20 – 17.50

Luca Fontana

Toxicologist and Epidemiologist, World Health Organization

17.50 – 18.20

Emmanuel Raju

Director and Co-Chair, Copenhagen Centre for Disaster Research – Copenhagen University

18.20 – 18.30


Tickets: 40 kroner