New dates for our off line program will be 1st – 11th of October 2020 in the cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. Stay tuned!

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5 talks in collaboration with EAHR, WHO & Think-Fast on Pandemic Resilient Cities with key speakers from relevant fields

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We are open for film submissions for the festival in spring 2021. Deadline 15th of January.




Kære Frank Jensen – 46 breve stilet til Københavns Overborgmester med visioner og foreslag til Københavns grønne omstilling.

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Prolonged until 4th of June.

Brandlhuber+, Christopher Roth and Copenhagen Architecture Festival launch a digital exhibition platform with a talk program.

Opening on April 24. Runs until 4th of June. New program every week!

Join the digital (and corona-free) opening of the exhibition Watch more TV! on 24 April with the architectural practice Brandlhuber+ and the film artist Christopher Roth.

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From 1st of April – 1st of May the festival had two open calls running:

Corona-essays: Reflections on how the virus will affect the built environment

The home in the time of the corona-virus on Instagram

Foto fra CPH Village: Astrid Maria Rasmussen


The second video of the Pandemic Resilient Cities series is out!

In this week's appointment, the main topic is Health Infrastructures: the debate aims to re-think health infrastructures in cities and the role of architects and planners in creating pandemic resilient cities and health facilities.

The experts participating in the debate are Jeffry Lazarus, a world-renowned expert on infectious diseases and head of the health systems team at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Anna Silenzi, an architect working within WHO operational support and logistic health tech team, and Michele Di Marco, WHO HelpDesk coordinator for the COVID-19 support and EAHR's CEO. The discussion will be moderated by Chiara Garbelotto from Emergency Architecture & Human Rights.

You can find the video on our webiste:

The talk is part of a series made in collaboration with Emergency Architecture & Human Rights + Think-Fast: A Collective Urban Response to COVID-19

We are sharing the belief that the fields of Architecture and Planning have a high contribution in mitigating the next pandemic and increasing urban resilience. It is for this reason that we are introducing a series of 5 talks to bring experts from the built environment, the health sector and the humanitarian sector into conversation to debate and answer questions.

The talks will focus on the role and positionality of Architects and Planning Practitioners in preparing for Pandemic Resilient Cities where basics such as access to safe housing, space, clean air, food and water is not considered a privilege but a basic Human Right.

While everyone will be affected by the challenges emerging from the current crisis, the impact is hitting hard on the most vulnerable ones: the elderly population, migrants, displaced populations, slum dwellers and the so-called ‘low-skilled’ workforce, who rely solely on their everyday income. However, these vulnerabilities aren’t new and were not merely caused by the Pandemic, but gradually accumulated by multiple political, economic, social and spatial factors, that reduced our preparedness for such a scenario and left Millions of people vulnerable to health crises and disasters.
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‘The urban poor, homeless and their communities are most vulnerable and will be worst hit by the pandemic.’

From India the Mahila Housing Trust shares some simple architectural and community interventions that can help alleviate aspects of the tough conditions suffered by residents in India’s precarious informal housing areas. Conditions that have become even more urgent to address since the outbreak of Covid-19.
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‘Coronatiden efterlader os med spørgsmålet: hvad er byen uden forbrug? Og hvad kan vi lære af denne oplevelse? Hvad kan vi tage med os fra den stille by?’

Sociolog Valinka Suenson og landskabsarkitekt og kunstner Ida Marie Wedfall giver i dagens essay fire bud på betragtninger for visionen om en post-pandemisk forbrugsfri by.
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Hick-Up TV!

Best of 5 weeks of hack 🪓🪓, 5 weeks of pop-up, of puff out, blow out, hack-ups, and hick-ups from Copenhagen, from Berlin, from Mtwara, Tanga, Zurich and Subunbia.
6 weeks of Hack-Up TV
6 weeks of internationalism ✊✊✊& co-habitation 🐠🌲🧙🏻‍👾 vs. distinction☠️ ☠️☠️. Countryside vs. withdrawal. Star houses vs. Malaria. Subunbia vs. Suburbia. 🚀🚀🚀
6 weeks of Danish-German friendship 🇩🇰🍻🇩🇪

We salute the Rebiennale in Venice and Achille Mbembe.

Watch more TV!
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