UY_LJ_Primoz_Lukezic_04 (1)

Credit: The Urban Yoga by Anja Humljan
Photo: Primož Lukezic

Studio by Anja Humljan and Carmen García

The process of globalization has visibly altered the space in which we move today. Every day our senses take in a complex set of parameters by moving; we perceive and experience a broad range of acoustic, tactile, visible and kinetic characteristics of the landscape. What we smell, touch, taste, see and hear with and without realizing defines best how we feel in a space.

Our mind adapts to the daily spatial changes rather easily, whereas our body needs a while. We will encourage taking time and observing how different materials, textures, shapes and configurations affect our body through the five senses. We will focus on the subjective, personal aspect of our spatial experience, which adds up the unique component to our creative endeavors, be it within the architectural design, filmmaking, etc.
If we follow the assertion that a society’s characteristics are reflected in the media, which represents our perception, then the moving image is the modern reference of the space closest to urban dwellers. Just like films tell the stories, so does the architecture; So, how does architecture feel and what stories does it reveal?