Rules for Film Submissions


Copenhagen Architecture Festival is an annual festival with focus on films, workshops, debates, conferences and exhibitions. The next edition of CAFx is April 4th-14th 2018.


The deadline for submitting is January 13th 2019.

Films selected for the festival are notified immediately, and all submitted films will be notified by primo March 2019.

Submission formats and material

The festival is open to films and series of any duration.

The applicant is requested to submit an online preview link. Please indicate in the entry form if the submission is a rough cut or a work in progress.


Screening formats

The festival is able to screen DCP, 35mm and 16mm film and in some cases h.264 files.


Films are screened in original language versions with English subtitles unless the dialogue is already in English.

Deadline for screening print

The screening print must be made available for the whole festival period and must arrive in Denmark before March 18, 2019. The sender is requested to inform the festival on the date of shipment and track and trace number. In case the festival will share the screening print with another festival it is the responsibility of the participant to inform both festivals of correct shipping addresses and all contact details in advance.

Requested materials

The festival must receive requested materials for all the selected films in order to prepare the printed festival program and online presentation of the programme. The materials should be sent as soon as possible upon acceptance of the invitation, but no later than March 1, 2019

Materials include:

Credits: Original title, International title, Director, Running time, Country(ies) of production, Year of production and Premiere status.

Stills: All submitted films are requested to provide a selection of stills in high resolution (print quality) and a downloadable trailer which the festival will be free to use for promotional and press purposes and free to upload to our own social media channels and embed on our website.

Screening link: All submitted films are requested to provide a screening link for internal and press use.


By submitting a film, you accept our Data Policy in accordance with the GDPR.

By submitting a film, you accept these rules and regulations.