OAFx Filmvisning, “The Human Scale”, oplæg v. Lærke Jul Gagner, Gehl Architects


Tuesday 08/5 2018
Kl. 17:00 Cafébiografen

Brandts Passage 39-41

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How is life between the houses of the new Odense? Come and hear Gehl Architect’s thoughts about urban spaces and city life in the future of Odense.

Gigantic highways, high rise buildings and human life, living in each separate concrete box. The city has become modern, but how does the design of the metropoles really fit the needs and behavior of man? The Danish star architect Jan Gehl and his crew of architects have a humanistic mission. They will recapture the cities after the cars invasion and customize cities in human scales to build on quality of life and sustainability. And so they fit pedestrians and cyclists in front of cars. “Reclaim public space,” sounds the clue. Gehls focus on the relationship between man-made environment and quality of life is backed up by architects and city planners throughout the world. From Copenhagen to Beijing, from Shanghai to New York, from Los Angeles to Melbourne, and from Christchurch to Dhakar – and it is precisely with the vision of the close urban space potential,