Hvad kan vi lære af Auroville? – Workshop med Anupama Kundoo


Saturday 12/5 2018
Kl. 10:00 SPACE 10

Flæsketorvet 10

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Workshop on elderly, co-living and social housing, learning from the urban utopia Auroville, with the Indian architect Anupama Kundoo.
Workshop on older, collective housing and general housing, which teaches from the city of Auroville, with Indian architect Anupama Kundoo.

Auroville is an international city-in-the-making since 1968, located in Tamil Nadu, India, and dedicated to the ideal of human unity.
Its architecture was based on a wide range of housing typologies in the spirit of City as Laboratory.
Today, 50 years later with sustained effort, Auroville has been converted to a fertile regenerated territory and is ready to take its urban step towards realizing a city for 50,000 people.
Denne workshop vil spørge aktuelle modeller af social bolig for at kunne foreslå forskellige minimum individuelle enheder for ældre mennesker til implementering i kollektivbolig. In the context of an emerging future society that is based on sharing and collective life, the workshop will rethink the individual needs and the way that would shape the individual living unit in an aging world.

Auroville is an international city-in-the-making, located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, which since 1968 has been dedicated to the ideal of common human society. The city’s architecture was based on a wide range of housing types in the spirit of ‘the City as Laboratory’. Today, 50 years later, Auroville has been transformed into a fertile regenerated territory that is ready for urbanization to take its first step towards realizing a city for 50,000 inhabitants. This workshop will question current models of social housing for the purpose of presenting different, minimal and individual housing units for elderly people to be implemented as collective housing. In the context of a society that in the future is based on subordinate and community-based lives,

Students must bring their own computer, cutter, pencils and notebook.

Students should bring their own computer, hobby knife, pencils and notebook .

Thanks to The South Indian restaurant for the delicious finger food!

The event will be in english