Book launch: Public Enquiries: PARK LEK and the Scandinavian Social Turn


Wednesday 10/4 2019
Kl. 16:30 Det Fynske Kunstakademi


Jernbanegade 13

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Public Enquiries er et kollaborativt forskningsprojekt mellem Marabouparken konsthall, Akademin Valand, Kerstin Bergendal og SOMEWHERE. Projektet tager sit udgangspunkt i billedkunstner Kerstin Bergendals arbejde og har specielt fokus på projektet PARK LEK (2010-2014).

The book, launched at Det Fynske Akademi by artist Kerstin Bergendal, presents and critically contextualizes the complex and multidimensional artwork PARK LEK, which during 2010 – 2014 contested and ultimately transformed the local government processes used to reshape a segregated urban area of Stockholm.

The art project was the subject of a close reading and critical contextualization through three symposiums, under the heading  Public Enquiries during the fall of 2016 and early Spring of 2017. These events included contributions from a wide range of artists, curators and academics, and also a dialogue with residents who had participated in the project.  

The book also situates this project within wider debates on the turn to socially engaged art practice, critical urbanism and processes of local democracy in the era of neoliberalism, and employs Bergendal’s practice as a point of departure to develop a range of new critical interventions, breaking new ground in the critical and theoretical response to the social turn in contemporary art.


Eds Mick Wilson, (Valand Academy, Gothenburg),

Giorgiana Zachia (Public Art Agency)

Helena Selder (Marabouparken, Sundbyberg)

Stenka Hellfach, Ulrikke Neergaard, (Art Somewhere, Copenhagen)