Altaner i Byen – Forbedret livskvalitet eller asocialt fremmedlegeme?


Wednesday 09/5 2018
Kl. 15:00 Grundejernes Investeringsfond

Ny Kongensgade 15

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Seminar on balconies and how they affect the way we are living our everyday lives in relation to our neighbors.neighbors.
Seminar on balconies and how they affect the way we live and the relationship with our neighbors.

With slogans like the “Balcony of My Life”, balconies have become part of the story of the good city life. A few decades after the villagers received green farm renovations and the urban neighborhoods of Brokvarter, balconies shed as parasites on historic properties and are fixed fixtures in new residential areas such as Ørestad and Nordhavn.

While the Danes and especially the Copenhageners demand balconies, we still need a culture for balconies at aesthetic as well as social and cultural levels.

Copenhagen and Frederiksberg are working on legislation on the setting of balconies. But how do the balconies affect everyday life in our apartment, our neighbors, the neighborhood and the city as a whole? How do changing balconies change facades, urban spaces and the community when you can just sit on your private balcony?
Is the ‘suburban settlement’ of the city with the balcony as a terrace and town houses turned into detached houses in the high place a salvation for the city and the neighborhood?

After the seminar, you can take care of networking and enjoy a glass in GI’s beautiful courtyard before the Ascension Day of Christ.