Alfredo Brillembourg: Opgraderingsstrategier For Informelle Bebyggelser – Forelæsning


Tuesday 09/4 2019
Kl. 17:30 Arkitektskolen (KADK)


Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 50

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What will happen when architects begin to engage in the world’s slums?

Alfredo Brillembourg has been called a rebellious architect. He and Urban Think Tank are concerned with architects building for everyone. An almost unbelievable large percentage of the world’s population lives in makeshift self-built houses in areas that are sometimes referred to as ‘informal’ but are mostly called ‘slum’. What will architecture and urbanism look like when architects truly get involved in the mass slum of the world? For the US-Venezuelan Brillembourg it all began with ‘the squatter skyscraper’ Torre David in Caracas. To him it is not a matter of citizen involvement – it is a matter of architects of all nationalities to involve themselves! It always begins with the will for auto-construction. This is where sustainability and optimism begin!

Niels Grønbæk, Associate Professor at the School of Architecture’s Department of Architecture and Art, Political Architecture : Critical Sustainability will welcome Alfredo Brillembourg.

The event will be in English / Arrangementet vil være på engelsk.

KADK, Auditorium 2