Through this studio, Johann Lurf and Léopold Lambert propose to students to examine the cinematographic genre of the documentary. Although the latter usually evokes a sense of objectivity if not of truth, the studio intends to challenge such notion to favor an embrace of documentaries’ subjectivity, in particular when it comes to the depiction of space and their politics.

From the most seriously sourced documentary to the seemingly paradoxical fictitious documentaries (cf. Peter Watkins, Chris Marker, etc.) this studio will both engage students to think of this particular genre and to produce a short film that will reflect their own take on the matter. Different methods will be presented to the students, for instance, structural cinema or observational and documentary approaches. Research will be guided by Lurf and Lambert so to also include theoretical and practical help, from film references via 3D maps to the possibilities of the moving camera.

The students will choose the topic on which they would like to work, no matter if the latter addresses built architecture, a landscape, a social or political space, or else. Film references will be discussed together in order to sharpen the cinematic language used.